Monday, February 27, 2012

Member Spotlight: Sarah Arnold

Hometown:  Round Rock, TX
College(s) Attended:  Texas Tech University
Degree(s) Earned:  B.A. in Art History with a Minor in Asian Studies (I just applied to the Texas State MA program in Community Counseling, fingers crossed!!!)
Title:  Associate Academic Advisor- Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering    
What was your favorite childhood toy?  My favorite childhood toys were the Barbie’s my mother had saved when she was a child and given to me. 60s Barbie rocks so much more than 90s Barbie.
What is your current position at UT?  Briefly explain.   I’m currently an Associate Advisor in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I’m the first point of contact for walk in students and prospective students. I organize student volunteers, our Peer Advisors, New Student Orientation, Explore UT for ECE, Family Weekend and alumni talks.
Have you had any jobs prior to your current job at UT?  If so what were they?  My first advising job was with TTU straight out of college, in the Pre-Professional Health Careers offices. I then moved back to the Austin area and worked at ACC – South Austin in Admissions and Records for a year and a half before joining the UT family!
What is the most challenging aspect of your current job?  The most challenging aspect currently is learning the new policies and procedures of UT.
Why/How did you decide to work in an institution of higher education?   When I graduated from TTU I didn’t really know what I wanted do; I enjoyed helping my friends with their schedules and I applied to be an advisor on campus. Well I quickly learned being an advisor is MUCH more than building schedules and just as quickly learned that I love helping students grow and see their goals being achieved!
What are your hobbies?   In my free time I read, paint, and cook. 

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