Monday, March 23, 2015

ACA March 2015 General Meeting

Generously hosted by the School of Undergraduate Studies, the March General Meeting was held on March 4th, 2015 in the SAC Ballroom. Full meeting minutes will be available on the ACA website.

This meeting was epic for three reasons:

1. The sheer volume and variety of breakfast foods available.
2. The announcement of an upcoming ACA Skate Nite!
3. The fact that, despite the full agenda and full breakfast spread, we ended 20 minutes early! This is UNHEARD OF in ACA history, and might never happen again.

Let's take a look at the photographic evidence of the breakfast spectacle:

A sea of tacos. 

Two kinds of donuts. 

All the fruit, including oranges,

strawberries, blackberries, 

and bananas. No scurvy for ACA on UGS' watch!

That's three types of juice, in case you can't tell. 

Coffee. No big deal, right?

Except that there was back up coffee, sneakily stashed under the table!! No one went without caffeine this time around. 

Oh yeah, and a selection of tea for all the members of the Finer Things Club

"A bouquet of forks! How charming!" -overheard at the ACA meeting

After everyone was thoroughly stuffed, we heard from our fine speakers starting with David Spight introducing the UGS representatives:
He insisted on singing the National Anthem before letting anyone else talk. It was weird, but totally on key! :)

Hillary Procknow, filling us in on TSI and anticipated changes for this year's incoming freshman class:
Lovin' life!

Then Jen Morgan, spreading the Extremely Good News of proposed core curriculum updates for the 2015-2016 GIC:
We might get a standardized common core curriculum for all catalogs, y'all. Rejoice!

Sean Smith, showing off the new internal transfer site for the College of Natural Sciences: 
Fancy and functional!

And some reminders from Patty Micks about First-Year Signature Course registration:
Getting closer to making the dream of all students actually taking their UGS course in their first year a reality. 

And some updates from our fearless Pod Program co-chairs:

Kayla Ford, getting ready to dance like a 1920s flapper. 

And finally, we heard from the general ACA membership for announcements: 

What a musical meeting we had this month. Jazz hands!

Even more jazz hands!

And finally, the grand announcement of ACA Skate Nite:

Doodle courtesy of Sarah McKay, Artist Extraordinaire. 

Our President is EXTREMELY EXCITED ABOUT SKATE NITE. That, or she's suffering from March Madness (which, in my universe, is a highly contagious mania that only occurs during the month of March, totally unrelated to basketball). 

We hope to see many of you out at Playland Skate Center on March 24th, and at the upcoming ACA meeting in April! In the meantime,

Friday, February 20, 2015

ACA January 2015 General Meeting

Happy 2015, everyone! New year, new ACA

Er, by "new ACA," I mean "same old fabulous ACA." That was clear, right?

The first general meeting of 2015 was hosted by the School of Information on Wednesday, January 14th in the SAC Ballroom North. Breakfast tacos and coffee were provided to make sure everyone kept their new year's resolutions to eat more breakfast tacos and drink more coffee. Mission accomplished!

The shiniest tacos in town.

Breakfast was had! Awkward photos were taken!

Gina is either using the most intense air quotes in the history of the world or is pretending to be a snake. I'm going to assume it's the latter, for the sake of whimsy. 

A warm welcome from our Madame President:

Always blurry. Sorry Julia. :(

The School of Information had their dean, career counselor and a program alumnus on hand to present on their graduate programs:

They schooled us with all of their information. Get it?
I'm sorry. 

The crowd, as always, was FASCINATED:

Then Rachel Watson came to advertise the Fitness Institute of Texas and the Get Fit programs:

We got this hilarious photo stock image of a baby, which is fantastic:

And then an update on live online courses from Dr. Henson:

Dr. James Henson. AKA Dr. Jim Henson. AKA Jim Henson.
What I'm trying to say is, why weren't there more Muppets in this presentation?

Er, that's supposed to be "ECO 304K." Love, The Economics Advising Team

And finally, your ACA Historian wants to make sure you don't forget to go to last week's Professional Development Day. 
Mark your calendars and fire up your DeLorean!

We hope to see you all at the March ACA meeting!

Monday, January 5, 2015

ACA November 2014 General Meeting

The final ACA meeting of the Fall 2014 semester was held on Tuesday, November 18th in the SAC Ballroom. Full meeting minutes can be found on the ACA website:

Generously hosted by the Office of Sustainability, the meeting boasted a refreshing twist: integration of sustainable breakfast and waste management with reusable utensils and recycling and compost bins available. We doing! Pretty awesome. Check out the bee-U-tee-ful spread they provided us!

As per usual, we kicked things off with a welcome and announcements from our esteemed President.
She updated us on changes to the Course-Load Reduction options for international students.

We then heard from the Office of Sustainability and got schooled on the amazing variety of initiatives they're working on.

Zero Waste Coordinator Jennifer Hobson
Karen Blaney, with an overview of sustainability initiatives (and JAZZ HANDS).
Any presentation that includes an XKCD comic has my heart forever.


I know you all love photos of presentation slides. Why else would I continue to insist on taking and posting them?!

Claire Moore presented on the HealthPoint Wellness Program on campus, discussing Farm to Work, the Tobacco-Free Campus initiative, and being Wellness Champions:

Much to the delight of the ACA members:

No one has EVER been this happy at a meeting before.
It was probably because prizes were being offered. 

Yep, that's a mustache mug prize.

Grace Hsieh then presented on the Energy and Water Conservation Program:

Sustainability folks have the best puns: 
I mean, I can barely handle how cute this is. THANKS A WATT for ensuring I'll never look at an electrical outlet without seeing a hilarious sidekick again. 

The Office of Sustainability wrapped it up with updates on the Sustainability Directory: 

Next up was a Bridging Disciplines Program update from Emily Watson: 

And then a presentation from the Wellness Network: 

Frances Nguyen and Katy Redd. I love that this photo totally embodies the loving exasperation we sometimes experience with our teammates. 
Justin Brady and Kayla Ford gave a final plug for the rebranded ACA Pod Program: 

Kayla Ford, reporting for duty!
And finally (whew, this was a full meeting, y'all!), Rob Reichle offered some updates on the Office of Undergraduate Research: 

Which included this gem of a photo in his presentation:

Send that kid back to the early '90s, because I cannot EVEN handle how fly he is!

And now, everybody's favorite blog post segment: Announcements, Introductions, and General Photos of the Crowd.

The APSA PDD Coordinators have reached the highest level of cohesion, as evidenced by their choreographed announcement:

Announcement from the "Guy's Table" (I'm pretty sure 3/4 of the ACA men are sitting at that table):
Triumphantly pointing at something/one important!

New ACA additions!

Josh Barham, getting us pumped about...SOMETHING (sorry, I was still distracted by the hilarity of the sustainability puns and stopped taking notes): 

"Hey, I'm a nice guy."
"Now let's go get 'em!"

And FINALLY, real evidence that of our special composting after the meeting!

Yeah, I ended the post on a photo of trash and compost bins. 

Thanks a watt, everybody!