Friday, January 27, 2017

ACA General Meeting January 2017

The first ACA General Meeting of 2017 was informative and engaging thanks to our meeting sponsors the Study Abroad Office, as well as the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement DEI program, and the Leadership and Ethics Institute.

The Study Abroad Office Associate Director Monya Lemery set the tone by asking ACA members to engage in a group brainstorm to answer the following:

  • List reasons why study abroad benefits your students:
    • Independence, Global citizenship, Language acquisition, Great food!, Become more attractive candidates to employers and graduate/professional programs, Expand professional networks, Earn valuable course credit
  • List ways students studying abroad benefits UT:
    • Make UT Austin visible internationally, relieves burden on UT Austin course schedule, Allows faculty to enrich their courses with real world examples, International recruiting/admissions, Students return with a renewed sense of self
  • Which Latin American countries are among the top 10 destinations?:
    • Spain, UK, France, China, Italy, Austria, Argentina, Mexico, Germany, Brazil
Did you know that UT austin is ranked third nationally in the number of students it sends abroad?! Our study abroad coordinators work hard!

Monya emphasized the office's BIG goal for the next 4 years: Double the number of students studying abroad in Latin America. By the 2019-2020 academic year the Study Abroad Office plans to send 1,200 students from UT Austin to study abroad in Latin America.

How can you help this initiative? Educate students on the reasons why studying abroad in Latin America can be beneficial including: studying in this region is generally less expensive than comparable programs in other regions of the world, the unique language immersion opportunities for students, and the direct opportunities to study border culture and international business.

Remember: Summer applications are due February 15 & Fall applications are due March 1

ACA Awards and Recognition Committee NACADA Award Nominees:
Outstanding Advisor: Megan Conner
College of Liberal Arts
Outstanding New Advisor: Kelly Frazer
School of Undergraduate Studies
Outstanding Advising Award, Administrator: 
Sarah Kitten
Cockrell School of Engineering
Outstanding Advising Program Award:
Path to Admission Through Co-Enrollment
Congratulations to our deserving nominees! Thank you for representing the UT Austin advising community.

Upcoming ROAD Committee Events:
2/8 Art of Dialogue with LEI, 10-11a in SAC 3.112 Balcony B
2/15 Video Game Addiction, 11a-1p in SAC 1.118
2/16 PDD Presentation Practice

Advising Expo Update - It's now just 2 weeks away!!

Advising Expo Week - February 6-10: There are approximately 16 different internal transfer sessions this week. You can direct students interested in exploring their options at UT Austin to these sessions using this spreadsheet.

Save the Date - February 9: Expo Day
It’s not too late to sign up to table, volunteer, or join a presentation! The Expo Day committee asks that you sign up by 5 pm Monday, January 30th.

Want to promote the event on social media or through your student newsletters? Here's how: email blast template and TV screen powerpoint

Dr. Kristen Hogan, Education Coordinator, UT Gender & Sexuality Center, and Dr. Richard Reddick faculty director of Student Diversity Initiatives, facilitated a short interactive session about the services provided by the Diversity Education Initiative (DEI).

DEI provides diversity education through consultation and educational programs on campus and in the community. Programs are designed to meet the goals and needs of the organization and have included: building awareness of social identities, developing an inclusive workplace, engaging communities through dialogue, and exploring privilege and socialization.

In 2015-2016, DEI staff facilitated 21 workshops and engaged 950 students, faculty, and staff across disciplines at UT Austin including ULN, UWC, Athletics, International Office, Freshman Interest Groups (FIGS) and many more.

Dr. Hogan and Dr. Reddick asked ACA members to participate is a short activity where members voted from their seat on the following questions. It was a small taste of how a full session would be facilitated:
  • How do you feel about the weather?
  • Do you feel UT is an inclusive place for most identities?
  • Do you feel your words and actions make a difference on campus?
Thoughts from ACA members: There is always work to be done, we are good in some areas and not so great in others. We can help create an inclusive climate (how we decorate our office, how we talk to students, etc.) It is important to be intentional in our words and actions.

Think a session with DEI would benefit your unit, class, etc?  Complete this form:

Katie O’Malley, Coordinator of Leadership Development, & Dave Dessauer, the new Director of the Leadership and Ethics Institute (LEI), joined us to discuss the benefits of connecting your students to the Leadership and Ethics Institute.

LEI is resource for undergraduate and graduate students or staff for leadership education. The purpose of LEI is to prepare the next generation of individuals to act responsibly, to improve the quality of student and campus life, to serve as peer mentors and to serve the communities in which they live, study and work. Through participation in LEI's leadership programs, such as  Leadership Education And Progress program (LEAP), The CHANGE Institute, and Burnt Orange Society, students develop the skills to serve their classroom, campus, and work communities as an ethical and socially responsible leader.

Please consider attending/promoting these upcoming spring events hosted by LEI:
  • Wednesday, February 8 - ROAD presentation on inclusive leadership
  • Saturday, February 11 - Texas Leadership Summit: a free one day leadership workshop for UT Austin Student
Think your student group would benefit from leadership education? Consider a workshop presented by LEI staff.

Other important announcements:
Kudos! to you as we wrap up the add/drop period next week. You can find our January meeting Kudos on our website: ACA KUDOS!

ACA Member Spotlight for January: This month we met two UT pros Mandy Davidson and Diane Larson. Try reaching out for coffee sometime next week to get to know Diane and Mandy better!

We want to continue to spotlight members from across colleges, across positions, and across lengths of experience at UT Austin. Please consider nominating someone to spotlight.