Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 2013 ACA General Meeting

Your ACA Executive Committee enjoying breakfast sponsored by the College of Communication.  Social time!

Nathan Vickers announced this month's Appreciating Campus Administrators honoree, Dr. James Vick.

Carolyn Connerat, Associate Vice Provost, continued the effort to inform ACA about the new student success initiatives for four-year graduation rates.  The initiatives include 360 Connections, college readiness, data driven success, course and degree modernization, and more.  Ms. Connerat also spoke about new programs such as Summer Bridge, the University Leadership Network, PACE, and expansion of the success programs (TIP, Gateway, etc.), and various scholarships aimed at enrichment and retention. 
Brittany Linton, UT Ombudsperson, addressed ACA on the services her office provides our students. She emphasized that she is neutral and independent and reports to the Office of the President.  Her function is not to advocate for students but to guide them through the various processes and policies they might encounter at UT.  She pointed to such examples as grade disputes and honor code violations; she clarifies for students what they face and helps them "cut through the red tape," if it is possible.  Of particular interest is the fact that she will even work with students who have already graduated.
Sarah McKay and Mandy Davidson announced this year's ACA awards recipients.  Jill Lawler (l) of the Department of Economics, received the 2013 Dedication to Students Award. 
Anneke Chy (l) and Megan Rovang (not pictured) received the Taking Initiative and Creating Positive Change Award for their work with at-risk students in the College of Natural Sciences.
Last, but not least, Nathan Vickers received the Service to the Advising Profession Award.  Congratulations to a wonderful group of advisors!
Noe Gonzales from Communication discussed the "UT in LA" program and explained the GPA and program requirements for both undergraduate and graduate students interested in careers in the entertainment industry.  Hollywood!
Also from the College of Communication, Lauren Brown (l) and Xavier Oaks reviewed the new, tighter rules for internal transfers to the college.  A major goal is to ensure that students can still graduate in four years if they transfer into Communication.
Finally, Nathan Vickers swore in the new ACA officers for 2013-2014.  Congratulations and good luck!