Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 2011 ACA General Meeting

The April 6, 2011 ACA General Meeting, sponsored by the School of Undergraduate Studies, featured presentations on the following topics:

Dr. Gretchen Ritter, Vice Provost
Provost Ritter addessed questions and concerns from the ACA membership including topics such as:  consistency amongst colleges, new initiatives related to degree progress, and university-wide training for advisors.  Dr. Ritter encouraged members to provide feedback and expressed how much she values the relationship the Provost Office has with ACA.

David Spight, Center for Strategic Advising

JP Regalado, Longhorn Scholars Program

Patty Micks, First Year Experience (FIGs, Signature Courses & University Lecture Series)

Dr. Jeanette Herman, Core Curriculum Flags