Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September 2012 General ACA Meeting

The first ACA meeting of academic year 2012-2013 began with social time, and breakfast was sponsored by the Undergraduate Real Estate Certificate Program.  Thanks!

The meeting opened with remarks from ACA President Nathan Vickers.  Our theme for the year is "Appreciate (our history), Engage (our present), and Shape (our future)."  As Nathan pointed out, ACA is 28 years old this year, 200 members strong, with seats on many university-wide committees.  "We have a voice."

Our program for September began with a presentation by Rachel Allen and Will Way of the Undergraduate Real Estate Certificate Program (Texas URE).  Rachel and Will discussed the history of the program, the fact that it was once a major, and its reestablishment as a certificate program in 2012.  For more information, please visit Texas URE.    

Patty Micks presented on MAP-Works, a tool that aids faculty and staff in the effort to improve student retention.  MAP-Works has developed a survey that identifies at-risk students, diagnoses their problems, and alerts staff and faculty in a more timely fashion so they can offer resources and solutions.  It also provides feedback to students on their own behaviors and attitudes that may get in the way of success.  Undergraduate Studies has already begun to use the system, and, eventually, other colleges can expect to follow suit.

Jason Bentley, Director of the First-Year Experience Office and Assistant Director of Residence Life at Central Michigan University, elaborated on the uses and virtues of MAP-Works.

The September meeting concluded with announcements, including committee sign ups, and the introduction of a number of new advisors.  Welcome!