Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 2013 ACA General Meeting

A scrumptious breakfast for the June 2013 ACA meeting was courtesy of UT Athletics.  Thanks!

The lovely advising crew from Athletics!
ACA members were treated to a tour of the student Academic Center in the stadium.

After we returned from the Academic Center, Laura Weingarten, Outreach Program Coordinator for the Sanger Learning Center, spoke to ACA about the services provided by the Center.  Those services include tutoring, help with course content, study effectiveness, and help with test anxiety. 
Dr. David Laude returned to speak further on the many new initiatives aimed at improving four-year graduation rates.  In particular, he discussed the new University Leadership Network, a program that will identify at-risk students, provide them funding, and help them develop both leadership and academic skills. 
Last, but not least, committees!  Join one!  They're fun, provide a forum for getting to know advisors outside your own college, and they allow you to get more involved in ACA.