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June 2017 Kudos

Jeff Hallock Kudos to Theresa Thomas for captaining the good ship Moody College Orientation off to a brilliant start! Though there may be rough waters ahead, our good captain shall steer us through the dark night to land upon the shores of a land full of newly oriented, excited, new Moody College Students!
Jeff Hallock Kudos to Alexia Apollo, with an assist from Doug Haake, for assigning all of the incoming Moody students to their FIGs without losing her sight, hair, or generally good natured demeanor. Y'all, she rocked it out!
Theresa Kudos to all the Moody Advising and student services staff for your amazing work during orientation! Special thanks to Alexia for taking on and conquering the daunting feat of pre-assigning FIGs to almost 700 students! Orientation just wouldn’t be the amazing machine it is without all of you!
Graduation Help Desk Kudos to Liz Hastings and Sarah Singer for moving mountains to help a graduating senior finish her Italian sequence!
Ana Dison Kudos to all of the ACA Executive Team and to the Advisory Council for their hard work and dedication to the organization this past year! Your individual and collective efforts are greatly appreciated!
Anonymous Kudos to Jill Lawler, thank you for being such a committed advisor and fantastic colleague. You are knowledgeable, compassionate, and always ready to collaborate and lend a hand. You’re a UT gem!
New Student Services Kudos to ACA! NSS would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation for all of the personal touches and hard work that everyone is doing in order to make Freshman Orientation a success, but don’t take our word for it. Check out the following responses from Session #1’s survey… (see below)
Responses to the Orientation Survey from Session #1

Q: What was the most valuable part of Orientation?
  • Easily the meeting with my advisor. I became significantly more comfortable about my degree plan and what measures I need to take, and the suggested classes I needed to register for. She was very helpful in always being open to answering any questions I had, and I had a lot.
  • Meeting my school advisor and getting to know a few of the people I will potentially be taking classes with was invaluable.
  • Sitting down one-on-one with my faculty and peer advisors helped me feel more confident about the fall. I knew I was going to pick the right classes and get settled in my program.
  • I appreciated meeting with my advisors along with other students in my same major. It allowed me to become acquainted with students I will likely be seeing a lot of around campus, and to become comfortable with my advisor before having an official meeting with her. Plus, the meeting was fun! 
  • I most enjoyed the small meeting with just the members of my major and an advisor who spoke about what our studies would entail over the next few years. I gained a better idea of what my major entails, and was excited to meet some of the students I will be studying with soon in a more personal setting than when our whole college met in one large classroom.
  • The most valuable aspect of freshman orientation to me were the advisors. Going to the meetings with my academic and orientation advisors were extremely helpful because they helped me figure out what classes I want to take and allowed me to set up a schedule. They also aided me in being prepared for future classes next semester and during the next three years after that
  • I think my advising times were most valuable to me because I was very unsure about my major and schedule for the fall. My advisor helped me plan and made me feel much more comfortable with my decisions.
  • For me, college meetings were amazing. My advisors let me know that they were going to be there for me to help me through all of my hardships during my enrollment at the university.

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