Kudos are a chance for us to recognize the awesome work that we advisors are doing on campus. Feel free to give a shout out to other advisors, ACA committees, departments... hey, even yourself!

Kudos will be read during the announcements portion of the ACA monthly meetings. If there are any unread kudos, they will be posted here.

Please feel free to submit as many kudos as you'd like.

July 2017 Kudos

Amanda Golden Kudos to all the advisors in the Cockrell School of Engineering for surviving orientation! It was hard work but everyone's dedication helped ensure an AMAZING experience for our new students. Keep up the great work!
Kayla Ford Kudos in advance to the newly elected Exec Board! Congratulations and we are excited to see all the great things you will do next year!
Team ECO Kudos to Ellen Flocke :) You would have never guessed that this was her first time leading orientation with how well it’s been going! She had the genius idea of giving our new students a mental break by having a quick game of bean-bag-toss mid presentation. Her creativity shined through her presentation as well; she included pictures of ACL, Torchy’s tacos, Kerbey queso, and other Austin gems to show our new students. We all greatly appreciate Ellen and can’t wait to see what new ideas she brings to Econ this upcoming school year.
Anonymous Liberal Arts Advisor Super proud of Megan Connor for successfully leading the College of Liberal Arts team through orientation! Orientation is an enormous and stressful task, we all appreciate her taking the lead to keep us organized, on task, and always ensuring we had the resources we needed to get the job done and serve our incoming students. YOU ROCK!
Anonymous Kudos to Andrea Gonz├ílez and the First Year Experience Office for putting together the 360 Connections Summer Experience. The workshops and topic discussions are timely and helpful. Thank you for making sure we are prepared to help students this fall!
Tivra Marks I want to send a very special kudos to the entire Discovery Scholars Program Team! I left them short handed through orientation and registration, and it’s a marathon! They are a wonderful team and kick butt no matter what challenges they face! Big Kudos to such fabulous people who give their all to UGS student and always work to improve the student experience.
Anonymous Kudos to the outgoing Exec Team. You have made for a wonderful year for ACA and its members. You have brought new ideas, revamped and/or continued old ideas, and have continued to support the advising community. Thank you.
Katie O'Donnell Kudos to ACA! You submitted over 100 Kudos to be shared during our monthly meetings during the 2016-2017 academic year. It has been my privilege to recognize the ACA membership for their hard work. Thank you for letting me shine a little light on many of you!

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