Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 2011 ACA General Meeting

The June 16, 2011 ACA General Meeting, sponsored by the Cockrell School of Engineering, featured updates from the College of Engineering and an interactive workshop led by Jamie Justus from the Counseling & Mental Health Center

Welcome from the Cockrell School of Engineering
Christina Perkins, Academic Advising Coordinator in Cockrell School of Engineering, introduced the wonderful staff of advisors from the college.

Interactive Workshop:  Advisors - Taking Care of Ourselves in Stressful Times
Jamie Justus, Counselor in the Counseling & Mental Health Center

Members were given the opportunity to listen to words of wisdom from Jamie Justus...

do relaxation exercises...

share stories about working with challenging students...

share startegies for taking care of ourselves
Members were asked to write a strategy on a post-it note and then categorize is: Immediate strategies, Short-term strategies, Long-term strategies, and Systemic strategies.

Hello! Good-bye!
As always, members had the chance to meet up with former co-workers...

and meet new colleagues.