Friday, February 20, 2015

ACA January 2015 General Meeting

Happy 2015, everyone! New year, new ACA

Er, by "new ACA," I mean "same old fabulous ACA." That was clear, right?

The first general meeting of 2015 was hosted by the School of Information on Wednesday, January 14th in the SAC Ballroom North. Breakfast tacos and coffee were provided to make sure everyone kept their new year's resolutions to eat more breakfast tacos and drink more coffee. Mission accomplished!

The shiniest tacos in town.

Breakfast was had! Awkward photos were taken!

Gina is either using the most intense air quotes in the history of the world or is pretending to be a snake. I'm going to assume it's the latter, for the sake of whimsy. 

A warm welcome from our Madame President:

Always blurry. Sorry Julia. :(

The School of Information had their dean, career counselor and a program alumnus on hand to present on their graduate programs:

They schooled us with all of their information. Get it?
I'm sorry. 

The crowd, as always, was FASCINATED:

Then Rachel Watson came to advertise the Fitness Institute of Texas and the Get Fit programs:

We got this hilarious photo stock image of a baby, which is fantastic:

And then an update on live online courses from Dr. Henson:

Dr. James Henson. AKA Dr. Jim Henson. AKA Jim Henson.
What I'm trying to say is, why weren't there more Muppets in this presentation?

Er, that's supposed to be "ECO 304K." Love, The Economics Advising Team

And finally, your ACA Historian wants to make sure you don't forget to go to last week's Professional Development Day. 
Mark your calendars and fire up your DeLorean!

We hope to see you all at the March ACA meeting!