Monday, September 29, 2014

ACA September 2014 General Meeting

The 2014 September General Meeting, aka "Oh My Goodness OH MY GOODNESS We Survived the First 12 Class Days Meeting," was held on Thursday, September 18th in the SAC Ballroom. Turns out, life DID continue after the 12th class day. Huh. Funny.

Our meeting was graciously hosted by the UTEACH Urban Teachers Program. Full (and I mean FULL, people; your Secretary Lovelys crushed it at note taking this month) meeting minutes can be found on the ACA website:

First up: 2014-2015 officer introductions and official welcome from Madam President Julia Chinnock.

Gina Higby looks like she's saying something very mischievous.

President Chinnock in the background, anchored by a foreground of Lauren Contreras' face. This is just what happens when you sit at the Historian's table. 

After feeding us tacos and coffee (the FASTEST way to our hearts), the UTEACH Urban Teachers Program offered a very informative presentation on their undergraduate and graduate programs, including current program participants' experiences.

They gave us fancy folders! Anyone else as excited about that as I am?

The audience was enthralled! (no really, these are the most exciting "people in a meeting" photos I've taken yet!):

Rob Poyner looks like he's watching a magician in the middle of a magic trick. "Wowwwwww!!!!!!"

Anneke Chy then updated on the new Pre-Health Professions certificate requirements and application:

I think the look on Anneke's face here perfectly encapsulates those classic moments of ACA Meeting Tension. "Woah everyone, I'm just the messenger, PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!" We love you, Anneke, and we'll grow to love the Pre-Health Professions Certificate, too. Change is hard. In the meantime, the website you made is totally legit and will help us make the transition:

And finally, we heard from Ana Dison and Phaedra Abbott on behalf of the Provost's Council on Student Advocacy :

I'll end this post with a panorama of our wonderful advising community:

And an adorable example of friendship in our wonderful advising community:

Letitia Monsey and Malik Crowder: Friendship is Magic!

Have a happy and productive 2014-2015 Academic Year, everyone!