Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December 2011 ACA Holiday Party - take 2

Let the Games Begin! 

At the ACA Holiday Party, members also had the opportunity to feast on great food and play competitive (and not so competitive) games.

A huge thanks to the ACA Holiday Party Committee Co-chairs Jay Guevara and Kristin Tommey, as well as the ACA Holiday Party Committee for planning this awesome event. 

Members were asked to do the following:

Wear a FUN Holiday Hat:

Bring a White Elephant gift valued at $5 or less:

Bring a canned food donation in the spirit of the holidays:

Eat...drink...and be merry!

Until next year...Ho...Ho...Ho!

December 2011 ACA Holiday Party - take 1

Thanks to the Holiday Party Committee for arranging a festive year end celebration.  This year the committee set-up a Photo Both giving members an opportunity to document the great time they had at the party.  Big Thanks to Sarah Herndon for being our Guest ACA Holiday Historian. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

ACA FUNdraising Committee American Traditions Potluck

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

ACA members ate and laughed their way through the 6th Annual American Traditions Potluck hosted by the ACA FUNdraising Committee.  Co-Chairs Angie Martinez and Alejandra Zamorano welcomed attendees from advising offices across campus.

Take a gander and the beautiful guests and amazing food prepared by our very own.

The longest line imaginable...bring on the homemade food.

The silence you "see" is because everyone's mouth was FULL!

Amazing pumpking chocholate chip cookies made by Cynthia Sullivan, Academic Advisor in UGS Longhorn Scholars Program.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 2011 ACA General Meeting

The November 9, 2011 ACA General Meeting, sponsored by the Study Abroad Office the featured a presentation by Ivana Grahova and Todd Maison from UT Center for Students in Recovery, an update our ACA Treasurer Jay Guevara, and a report from President-elect Nathan Vickers on the ACA 4-year Graduation Rate survey completed by advisors during regsitration. 

The keynote presentation was from Dr. Heather Barclay Hamir, Director of the Study Abroad Office.  She spoke about her research on access to study abroad for underrepresented populations.  J.P. Regalado from UGS Longhorn Scholars Program provided additional information on this topic by highlighting methods used to encourage Longhorn Scholars to study abroad.  Dominick Ruiz, a first-generation student who studied in China last year, also shared his perspective on study abroad.

ACA Officers:  Jennifer, Jay, President Theresa Thomas, Nathan & Kristin

Anaa Tapsak - ACA Member  

Valeri Nichols-Keller - ACA Vice-President opens the meeting

Todd Maison and Ivana Grahova from the UT Center for Students in Recovery

Jay Guevara - ACA Treasurer

Nathan Vickers - ACA President-Elect

Heather Barclay Hamir - Director of the UT Study Abroad Office

Dominick Ruiz - Natural Sciences Pre-Med Sophomore

ut study abroad
A very special thank you to the Study Abroad Office for hosting our November Meeting and opening their day-long conference on creating access to global education to our ACA membership.