Monday, July 21, 2014

ACA July 2014 General Meeting

Welcome back for another thrilling recap of our ACA General Meeting! The July 2014 General Meeting, otherwise known as the End-of-Year Athletics and Awards Extravaganza was held Wednesday, July 16th in the Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium T-Lounge. 

Extra special thanks to the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics for hosting the meeting, which included delish breakfast tacos (because TEXAS) and all the Athletics swag we could possibly dream of. 

Full meeting minutes will be made available on the ACA website. 

ACA members braved the unseasonable downpour for the start of the meeting. We'll do just about anything for free breakfast, amirite?
Pre-meeting, good social and brekkie time was had by all:

Then we kicked things off with a good old fashioned awards ceremony, recognizing the 2014 ACA Advising Award winners:

Jess, our new fearless chairwoman of the Awards and Recognition Committee, totally rocks the ceremony!

Congratulations to Sarah Arnold, Associate Academic Advisor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, for winning the Dedication to Students Award! 

Congratulations to Phaedra White Abbott, Senior Program Coordinator for the Discovery Scholars Program, for winning the Taking Initiative to Create Positive Change Award!
The committee and some of Phaedra's nominators, initially accepting her award  on her behalf. 
Congratulations to Matthew Haynes, Senior Academic Advisor in the Department of Government, for winning the Dedication to Advising Profession Award!

Multitasking Awards and Recognition Committee and Historian duties means taking selfies during the awards ceremony. No big deal.

We then had our changing of the guard, from old (read: "experienced") ACA Executive Board members:

To swearing in the new ACA Executive Board members!

Dream Team.

Our new Madame President is VERY SERIOUS. 

I then stopped taking selfies and focused on taking awkward photos of our new ACA members/announcements:

And then we heard from the Athletics Student Services team:

Words of experience directly from a student athlete!

 And finally, we queued up for a tour of the Athletics Student Services facilities:

I know, I've really captured the hustle and bustle of a building tour. 

Thanks to all for another fabulous academic year! We'll start all over again in September. Until then, enjoy this penguin (and the rest of the summer):