Friday, October 14, 2011

Member Spotlight: Juanita Gonzalez

Hometown:  Blackfoot, Idaho
College(s) Attended:  Boise State University
Degree(s) Earned:  B.A. In Bilingual Elementary Education and a B.A. In Spanish
Title:  Senior Academic Advisor- College of Communications
What are your hobbies?  Church activities, Watching HGTV and old Law & Order shows
What was your favorite childhood toy?  My favorite toy was a doll that could crawl, because she had pretty hair that I could brush.

What is your current position at UT? Briefly explain:  I am a Senior Academic Advisor at the College of Communication.  I advise Public Relations students and I facilitate 2 Figs.  I will also be helping with Honor's Day and other programs on campus.
Have you had any jobs prior to your current job at UT?  If so, what were they?  Yes I have had some different positions as follows: Associate Academic Advisor at the McCombs Business School;  Senior Administrative Associate for McCombs Office of Student Life; Administrative Assistant for the UT Nursing School Learning Center; My random jobs throughout the years have included: potato sorter, mowing lawns, working for a campus bookstore, and doing surveys over the phone.
What is the most challenging aspect of your current job? I think it's been a great transition with my new colleagues being very helpful, but I think learning the degree policies for the College of Communication and turning off my Business advising background has been challenging.
Why/How did you decide to work in an institution of higher education?  I love working with students as they exhibit their energy and their ambition through the advising appointments.  I also enjoy the developmental process they go through as they come in very nervous during summer orientation, and 4 years later they walk across the stage during their commencement ceremony full of confidence and goals.  I think I am blessed in seeing students grow personally, academically and professionally.

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