Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Member Spotlight: Sue Holzaepfel

James W. Vick Texas Excellence Award for Academic Advising Recipient
Hometown:  Sandusky, OH
College(s) Attended:  The Ohio State University / Ohio University
Degree(s) earned:  B.S Edu (Major- Elementary Education)/ M.Ed. (Major- Guidance and Counseling)
Title:  Academic Counselor --College of Education
What are your hobbies?  Guess I don't have any?? Too much to do around my house, and not enough time in the day!
What was your favorite childhood toy?  Barbie! I even still have one of the original Barbies.
What is your current position at UT? Briefly explain:   I am a Senior Academic Counselor in the College of Education Dean's Office, Student Division. I advise and counsel the students who are seeking teacher certification, but my primary caseload are the students seeking Bilingual teacher certification. I also provide a lot of administrative support for the faculty in that area, as well as serve as the advisor for the Bilingual Education Student Organization (BESO).
Besides advising, I administer a major scholarship for students at UT who are seeking teacher certification in a high-need field, and I create and update the degree plans and handouts we use for the office. I also create and monitor the registration restrictions and waitlists for our ALD and some EDC courses. I enjoy being able to participate in outreach (ACC, Admissions, etc.) and professional development (ACA, HFSA, NACADA, etc.), and working with projects such as the degree audit re-write committee. Of course, like everyone else, I answer tons of emails and phone calls!
Have you had any jobs prior to your current job at UT?  If so, what were they?At UT:  Senior Academic Advisor, College of Natural Sciences--(Opened and coordinated the Mathematics, Physics, and Astronomy Advising Center)
  Senior Admissions Counselor, Office of Admissions
  Advising Coordinator, College of Business Administration
• Counseling Specialist II, College of Business Administration 
• Counseling Specialist I , College of Business Administration
Outside of UT:• Therapist in private practice, Austin, Texas
• Facilitator, Travis County Counseling Center, Austin, Texas
• Correctional Counselor, Travis County Sheriff’s Department, Travis County Correctional Complex, Del Valle, Texas
• Supervisor/Therapist, Settlement Home, Austin, Texas
• Vice–President for Counseling Services, Corporate Career Systems, Inc., Austin, Texas
• Talented and Gifted (TAG) Coordinator/Teacher, Alexander Local Schools, Albany, Ohio
• Hearing Officer, Ohio University, Office of Legal Affairs, Athens, Ohio
• Counselor/Assistant Director, Youth Group, Inc., Harbour House, Sandusky, Ohio
• Recreation Director, City of Huron, Ohio 
What is the most challenging aspect of your current job?  Remembering everyone's name! My brain is overflowing!
Tell us about one of your success stories that happened in your current position (regarding a student, a co-worker, a project, etc.)  One of my passions has been to create a bridge between UT and ACC, to help facilitate the smooth transition of students from ACC to UT. I believe it is critical for members of our advising community to communicate with the advisors and counselors at ACC, so they in turn can provide accurate advising to the students planning to apply to UT. Working with ACC, I helped create and coordinate the annual ACC/UT Networking Forums and annual Advising Marketplaces, all of which have garnered positive feedback. I hope these events have made a difference for these students.
What is your advising philosophy?  Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. Be there for the students, with love and enthusiasm, and always help them feel safe and valued. I strive to be that touch point which makes UT a personal and welcoming place, and to be someone from whom the students learn they will always get unconditional love and guidance. I go the extra mile, I make the call, I clarify the jumble, I cheer them on, I cry and laugh with them, I stay as long as needed, I share, I hug, I welcome, I support…

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