Friday, March 11, 2011

ACA FUNdraising Committee: March Madness Potluck

ACA members Beth Glenn, Pam Dahl, Andrea Chytil, Cindy Bippert, Lauren Campbell, Jay Guevara, Kristin Tommey, Angie Martinez, Angela Mirabito, Yesenia Sanchez, Courtney Cross, Livy Knox, Juanita Gonzalez, Melva Harbin, and Lovelys Powell ate and laughed their way through the 5th Annual March Madness Potluck.  Unfortunately, the event was planned for a day on which many ACA members had obligations (sorry L.A.), but they still managed to eat their weight in fabulous foods and extraordinary desserts. 
Yesenia & I forgot to take pictures (we were so stuffed, our minds weren't thinking clearly), but this is sort of what the event was like:
Imagine a more healthy version of this...but just as good.

Winner:  best dish

Lots of bright, smiling faces.

Next FUNdraising Effort:  Thank You Goodie Bags for those of your who donate money to our ACA Scholarship.  FUNdraising Committee will be accepting donations and Goodie Bag Thank You slips until the Q-drop Deadline!

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