Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March 2013 ACA General Meeting

Thanks to the Study Abroad office for sponsoring the March social time!


 ACA President Nathan Vickers presents the "Appreciating Campus Administrators" award for March to Dr. Terri Givens of the Department of Government.

Jessica Miller (left) and Tanya Andrien spoke to ACA about the Undergraduate Energy Management Certificate Program.  This is a certificate program that mixes geology and business, and it is particularly appropriate for engineers, geologists, etc.  The program offers networking, workshops, and mock interviews.  They also offer a summer program.
Herpreet Singh from Undergraduate Studies provided ACA information on flags.  The goal is to implement all flags for all colleges in the 14-16 catalog.  Ms. Singh went on to discuss writing flags and petitions to attach flags to courses in transfer, among other topics. 
Dr. Lorraine Pangle discussed The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Study of Core Texts and Ideas (CTI).  Dr. Pangle is co-director of the Center.  According to Dr. Pangle, the focus of the certificate program is on great books (classical philosophy, texts of major world religions, political philosophy, American government) and new ways to study ethics, and is excellent for pre-law students.  Students can minor in CTI as well. 

Finally, Erik Funkhouser spoke to ACA about the UT Energy Symposium, an interdisciplinary speaker series on environmental energy.  Both undergraduates and graduates can earn course credit through this program.  Every week a speaker representing industry, government, or academia is brought in to address the symposium, and students get an opportunity to network with CEOs and government leaders.
Thereafter, the meeting adjourned.  

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