Friday, March 8, 2013

Member Spotlight: Joel Mendolusky

Hometown: Amherst, NH

College attended: The University of Texas at Austin

Degrees earned: BSCSD Communication Sciences and Disorders (1995), BA Psychology (1995) and English (2003)

Job Title: Senior Academic Advisor

Hobbies: Computer gaming, movies, reading

Current job at UT:  Advising psychology majors in the College of Liberal Arts

How many years worked at UT: I worked for three years as a work-study in the Graduate Office of the Department of Psychology and after a one-year hiatus, I was hired to replace my advisor, Laura Cole, in the Undergraduate Office for that same department in 1996.

Most challenging aspect of job: The most challenging, as well as most satisfying, aspect of advising is finding solutions to new problems.  With new, significant changes coming with each successive catalog, problems arise on a regular basis.

Favorite thing about current job: Advising students in psychology who want to pursue grad school, law school, medical school, you-name-it,  allows me to live vicariously through them as they pursue their dreams.  I get to help them make choices I did not myself make when I was in college.

Success story in current position: In nearly 17 years here at UT, I have never burst into flames (knock on fire-retardant wood).  I'm going to count that as a success.

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