Monday, March 17, 2014

ACA March 2014 General Meeting

The March 2014 General Meeting was held on Wednesday, 3/5/2014 in the SAC Ballroom North.  Special thanks to the School of Nursing and the University Leadership Network for sponsoring the delicious breakfast. Full meeting minutes can be found on the ACA website:
Our fearless leader, ACA President Rob Poynor welcomes the membership. 

Cindy Gladstone announced the NACADA Nominees.  Congrats to all who were nominated! 

Matthew Haynes, ACA Vice President welcomes our first speaker

Dr. David Laude, Sr. Vice Provost for Enrollment and Graduation Management spoke to us about several programs and initiatives as well as the new registration slotting system. 

Dr. Linda Carpenter from the School of Nursing provided us with updates on the nursing program and information for students who are interested in transferring in to nursing. 

Rebecca Wilcox from the Office of Undergraduate Research spoke to us about Research Week 2014. 

John Newton closed the meeting with information about the University Leadership Network. 

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