Monday, March 3, 2014

30 for 30 Member Spotlight: Lisa Valdez

Born in Austin, but grew up in Kingwood so consider both my hometown!

College(s) attended
I started at community college then transferred to UT Austin

Job title(s) and department(s) past and present
Administrative Assistant, Student Division, College of Fine Arts
Academic Advisor, Dept. of Art and Art History
Academic Advisor, Longhorn Scholars
Program Coordinator, First-Year Experience

How did you end up at UT in the first place?
I graduated from UT with a degree in Art History, and decided not to leave! I wanted to stay in Austin, so took a job with the College of Fine Arts.

What is your favorite part or being a part of ACA?  
My favorite part is the community, getting to know people from different colleges and programs.

Here's where we'd like an anecdote about a favorite ACA memory or a memory that includes another ACA member.
My favorite memories are all a part of NACADA! Getting to know people outside of campus, and getting to bond with the people I work with. 

What advice would you give to new advisors or new staff members at UT?
Don't be afraid to carve out your niche on campus!  Just like we tell students to find themselves, as professionals we need to do that too.  So seek out those opportunities to grow as a professional on campus!

What legacy would you like to leave behind at UT? 

I want to leave behind a program that continues to grow and make a difference to students.  I hope the FIG program continues for many years to come, and I hope that it continues to leave its mark with all students who attend UT. 

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