Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Committee Chair Spotlight: Nominations Committee Chair Alanna Bitzel


Alanna Bitzel
Academic Counselor – Reading and Writing Programs
Intercollegiate Athletics – Football

What committee are you chairing? 

Why did you want to chair this particular committee?

I became an Academic Counselor for Football in 2011. In my first years as an advisor, ACA has served as an important resource. I found it to be incredibly easy to get involved with ACA; existing ACA members were super welcoming and supportive of my participation on committees and during events, even though I was new to advising and to the organization. I ran for ACA Secretary (which also oversees Nominations) because I want to welcome new members to the organization and encourage members to become involved. Fresh voices and perspectives are vital to the continued growth and development of ACA as an organization and to the strength of advising on campus.

Why do you think this committee is important to ACA and/or the university?

Nominations is important because it helps facilitate and promote new advising leadership within the organization and on campus.

What is one thing that you would like the membership to do to support your mission this year? 

I want to encourage ACA members to become involved – to join a committee, volunteer their time, participate in PDD, etc. Becoming involved does not have to become time-consuming, and everyone has something to offer. I also want to ask veteran ACA members to step outside of their comfort zones. Smile and introduce yourself to new members or members you have not yet met. Sit with someone new and talk with someone outside of your department at meetings or events. Share insights, and answer questions. These small gestures are important to building a sense of community and promoting learning among advisors on campus.

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