Wednesday, December 18, 2013

ACA Holiday Party

The ACA Holiday Party was held on Wednesday, 12/11 at 2:30 pm in NHB 1.720.

The theme was "International Holidays" and featured decorations representing Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Chinese New Year, and New Year's Eve.  Refreshments were provided by the ACA memberships in the form of a dessert potluck.  Board games were placed around the room for party-goers to enjoy while multicultural holiday music played and a digital fireplace flickered in the background.  ACA members brought donations for the Foundations Communities Holiday Assistance Program and made cards and decorations for Ronald McDonald House and Meals on Wheels and More.

Photobooth pictures can be found online here:
ACA Holiday Party Committee members setting up in front of a digital fireplace

On the far right the photo booth backdrop is in progress! 

Kwanzaa table decorations; each table had an information card that described the holiday.  And Apples to Apples! 

Chinese New Year

Hanukkah table with craft supplies and Catch Phrase

A different Kwanzzaa table setup 

New Year's Eve 

Lovelys making holiday cards for Meals on Wheels and More

The Saturday after the party, the decorations were brought to St. David's hospital where they were put up in the Ronald McDonald House Family Room inside of St. David's.  The room is dedicated to families with children who are in the NICU at St. David's as a quiet place within the hospital to spend time when they cannot be by the bedside.
Ornaments made by ACA members

This Charlie Brown tree sure looks nice with extra ornaments!

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