Thursday, April 14, 2016

ACA April 2016 General Meeting

April's meeting was action packed! A lot of the information was geared towards getting prepared for summer orientation.

Big thanks to New Student Services for sponsoring this meeting and providing us with a delicious breakfast.

People grabbing for tacos at lightning speed

Wow, what well-designed and informative fliers!

Dr. Celena Mondie-Milner of New Student Services started us off by introducing her team. It was helpful to put names to faces.

Dr. Milner and her team gave updates about what is new for orientation this summer and the major changes that have taken place since last year.

Next up was Dr. Hillary Procknow from the Texas Success Initiative with TSI updates for orientation. I've also heard they have a pretty great advisor over there! 

Z bars = TSI bars

Continuing on the theme of orientation updates, Erica Sowder from the International Office talked about requirements that international students need to fulfill during orientation. 

I bars = International bars

Sherry Bell from University Health Services rounded out the discussion on orientation bars by giving updates on what students who have a medical bar will need to do during orientation.
H bars = Medical bars

Dr. Jim Henson from Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services switched gears from orientation bars to talk about online course options in Liberal Arts.

No bars!

The meeting ran a little long so we quickly wrapped up with some kudos and announcements.

Folks headed back to work 

Thanks to everyone who came out. We will see you in May!

Kudos for this month:

From Lovelys
Kudos to the ACA Executive Officers for cleaning out our storage space (even though it wasn't by choice). We've acquired a lot of stuff over the years, so thanks for finding a new home for the items that are worth saving. Cheers!

Cheers to Kelsey for moving on to the next phase of her life. You will be missed in the advising world but your kudos legacy will live forever!

Cheers to all the Orientation Advisor trainers who are also advisors. I know you're only 2/3 complete with the training and the next round comes at your busiest time, but the benefit we gain is very much appreciated!

Big CHEERS to Christine Anderson, Douglas Haake, Yma Revuelta, Alma Salcedo & Michael Schmidt for receiving the Texas Exes James W. Vick Awards for Academic Advising. Your acknowledgement from students is a testament to the importance of the work that all of us do.

Cheers to everyone who attended the FUNdraising Committee Potluck (March 10th) and the happy hour (March 22nd). As the saying goes...the advisors that eat and drink together...

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