Friday, November 13, 2015

ACA November 2015 General Meeting

We met earlier than usual this month, but it was absolutely worth it! There was excellent food, great speakers, and some time to get to know more about our fellow advisors.

Many thanks to President Fenves for taking time to meet with and speak to our advising community. Thanks to Amanda Golden, our ACA Vice President, for doing such a wonderful job organizing this opportunity for us!

Additional thanks to the Office of the President for sponsoring our lovely breakfast!

Muffins, fruit, and tacos stretched out for miles

I'm always so excited when fruit salads have more than just cantaloupe

Dehydrated? Come to an ACA meeting!

There was even someone pouring the creamer, etc.! Apologies for the blurry picture. I took it quickly. I was a little embarrassed about photographing her, but she was very gracious about it.

OJ, Almond milk.. what else is in that magical silver bucket?!

It was very cool that President Fenves took some time to meet and talk with us. I was fortunate enough to get some pictures of what look like fun and engaging conversations.

After that, Amanda kicked off the meeting and handed it over to President Fenves.

President Fenves spoke and then opened it up to Q&A. When asked what is his favorite thing about being UT's President, he said the view from his office is pretty great!

Next up, we heard from Dr. Leanne Field about the Health Informatics and Health IT Program here at UT. It was great to learn about the opportunities this program offers students as well as all the collaboration with hospitals and legislators they are doing.

After that, Kayla Ford, our ACA President-Elect, lead us in a great game of Advisor Bingo! It was really fun to move around and learn new things about other advisors. Yvanna Corella had the most squares filled at the end. Congrats!

Surprise activity!!


Then, we wrapped up the meeting with kudos and announcements. 

Thanks to Christine Anderson for organizing the ACA Community Service event happening at Webb Middle School on November 21st from 11:30am to 2:00pm! Sign up here: Google Sign-Up

I hope everyone has a great end of the semester and we will see you next year!

Another great round of kudos! Thanks again to everyone who has participated.

ACA Advisory Council's Campus Carry subgroup.  Thank you for all of your hard work!  We are a big organization that will be deeply impacted when the new law goes into effect next Fall, and your efforts to collect our thoughts and concerns, and to then share with us with a summary of what our organization feels about campus carry has all been very much appreciated. 

To the Texas Interdisciplinary Plan (TIP) "A-Team," which consists of Karen Weems, Mike Gutierrez and Lauren Jones. Karen, Mike and Lauren collectively advised nearly 1,000 first- and second-year TIP Scholars in just over a month, in advance of Spring registration last week. Even though they were up to their ears in advisees, they never lost their passion for helping students nor their cheerful senses of humor. Way to go TIP A-Team!

From Roanna Flowers:
Special thanks to Lovelys Powell - for your patience, your great attitude, and your willingness to help someone (me!) brand new to advising. Thank you for making this trial-by-fire a little less toasty... or at least handing me a bag of marshmallows. You are so appreciated.

Mandy Davidson, you are an amazing friend and such a fantastic colleague. I'm glad you're back!

From Cindy Bippert:
Kudos to all the advisors in the BBA Program Office for being the best team I've ever worked with!  I sincerely appreciate your commitment to the students in McCombs, as well as your dedication to the other advisors in our office.  I can't imagine a workplace that is more supportive, energetic, and fun.  Thank you for making my work life extremely enjoyable! :-)

From Jinane Sounny-Slitine:
Many thanks to Erin, Holly, and Jana for working so hard to make this registration cycle successful even though we were short staff and our major numbers grew significantly! I’m so glad to be a part of this team and to call each of them a friend. Best team ever! :-)

From Alexia:
Kudos to Shannon-A'lyce for leaving behind her very organized files. They are neat and organized in a way that makes my heart happy. Thank you so much.

From Andrea Gonzalez:
A HUGE thank you to the ACA Advisory Council for taking time to meet and compose a statement from ACA about the Campus Carry Law. Kayla, Janice, Sarah, and Jeff I appreciate the time you took during your hectic advising days to make it easy for us to contribute a response and for crafting a powerful and well thought statement.

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