Monday, November 17, 2014

ACA October 2014 General Meeting

Hosted by the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost (I know, fancy!), the 2014 October General Meeting was held on October 15th in the ENTIRE SAC Ballroom. Temporary walls were removed to make space for all of our wonderful members. It was serious business.

It was a jam-packed meeting, so you'll definitely want to head over to the ACA website to see full meeting minutes courtesy of ACA Secretary, Lovelys Powell:

First, a warm welcome from President Julia Chinnock:

See, it even says it on the PowerPoint, so you know it actually happened!

Next up, Carolyn Connerat from the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost (very fancy!) introduced a number of new campus initiatives: 

A very blurry agenda, thanks to your Historian. You didn't actually want to read it, did you?

We heard from a number of representatives from said initiatives, including Dr. Leonard Moore and Caroline Enriquez discussing Texas Advance:

A bold stance from a bold, enigmatic man!

Then Laura Dannenmaier, discussing the CARE program developments:

And Emily Johnson, with updates on this year's CNS Major Switch initiative:
Hey, I must have gotten up to get more coffee at this point. Hurray for different camera angles!

The UGS representatives conferring very seriously. "Good question, PowerPoint slide: What IS Major Switch?"

Followed by an exciting sneak peek at the soon-to-come brand new UT homepage design. VERY FANCY. 

Cue collective "oohs and ahhs."

And finally, Rose Potter with UTeach Liberal Arts - ESL wrapped things up like a pro (condensing her 45 minute talk into 5 minutes. Impressive!). She was so animated, I'll post a series of her action shots just for fun. I call this "Super Teacher Mode."

Ta da!!

We ended with some announcements on PDD and new ACA member additions, and left with our brains completely full.

On behalf of the ACA Executive Committee, I want to wish you all a safe and deliriously happy Thanksgiving holiday, and remind you to bust out your best pair of Thanksgiving pants on the big day:

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