Friday, June 13, 2014

ACA June 2014 General Meeting

Hello all you wonderful ACA members! Sarah McKay here, taking over Historian duties for the 2014-2015 year. GET EXCITED.

My first attempt at capturing the magic of our June ACA meeting taught me a lot...mostly that photos of people listening in a meeting are NOT EXCITING. So get ready for that. I promise I'll get better. But for now, onward!

The June 2014 General Meeting was held on Thursday, 6/12/2014 in the SAC Ballroom North. Special thanks to the College of Liberal Arts for sponsoring the fantastic breakfast tacos; I ate mine faster than I could snap a photo of them. Let's assume this speaks more to the high quality of the tacos rather than my inclination to stuff my face with breakfast food (seriously, though, they were awesome!!).

Full meeting minutes will be made available on the ACA website.

Our fabulous ACA President-Elect, Julia Chinnock, kicks off the meeting with a warm welcome. 

Helen Mayhew with LAITS briefs us on the New Reporting Toolkit capabilities. 

We all "ooh" and "ahh" over the fancy new features on Reporting Toolkit! 
Next up: William Mupo from University Health Services outlines the changes from last year's "AlcoholEdu" to this year's "Think About It" student modules. 

Then we heard updates from Lorraine Pangle about the Jefferson Scholars and CTI Freshman Program. 

And THEN I took some THRILLING photos of our membership listening to speakers. Can't you just feel the excitement?

Another riveting action shot. On a side note, I'll be offering event photography lessons for anyone who wants to learn from my mad skills.  
But THEN! The excitement really happens! Alexia Apollo introduces a new UGS advisor to finish out the meeting!

Welcome to our UT advising community, Lisa Winston!
And thanks to all our wonderful members for attending this month's meeting!

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