Monday, February 10, 2014

ACA January 2014 General Meeting

The meeting was held on Thursday, January 30, 2014 at 8:15 am in the Glen Maloney Room (SSB G1.310).  The meeting was not sponsored so breakfast tacos and coffee were provided by ACA.

Complete meeting minutes can be found on the ACA Website:

 ACA Executive Board prepping for the meeting.

ACA Members doing what they do best--networking and eating breakfast tacos! 

ACA President Rob Poynor opened the meeting. 

Matt Haynes introduces our first speakers

Jeff Moe and Ben Armstrong from Student Veteran Services gave a great presentation about what services are available and what the unique challenges are for student veterans.  

The ACA Historian's camera ran out of batteries.

Alice Batt from the Undergraduate writing center provided an overview of the services they provide to students as well as the overall philosophy and structure of the center.

A new camera was secured.
Next, Rose Mastrangelo and Dareth Finn from the Archer Fellows Program provided us with information about the program. 

Justin Brady and Beth Andre reminded us about PDD

ACA Membership took a group picture.  Look at all those shiny, happy faces! 

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