Friday, November 22, 2013

30 for 30 Member Spotlight: Nathan Vickers

Swiped from the ACA Facebook page.  Nathan is the one on the left.
Spotlight on Nathan Vickers

Hometown: Born in Tulsa, OK but raised in Borger, TX

College(s) attended:
Frank Phillips College in Borger, TX

BA, major in English from The University of Texas at Austin

MS in Academic Advising from Kansas State University

Job title(s) and department(s) past and present: Currently a Senior Academic Advisor for the Department of Government and have been for ten years

How did you end up at UT in the first place?  I was an Orientation Advisor for three summers, and then took a job right out of college as a Cashier for Parking and Transportation.  I did that for nine-months, then worked in the Admissions Office for the Texas Culinary Academy of a year before ending up in the Department of Government.

What is your favorite part or being a part of ACA?:  The camaraderie and friendships, as well as the opportunity to continually network with other advisors, administrators, and student affairs professionals from across campus.  

Here's where we'd like an anecdote about a favorite ACA memory or a memory that includes another ACA member.  This is a tough one.  I've had some awesome times, but I would have to say that my favorite memory is my most recent:  being able to serve ACA as President.  It was such an honor to be able to do this, and I am so incredibly grateful to have had this opportunity.

What advice would you give to new advisors or new staff members at UT?  Get involved in ACA or with your college/department.  Also, don't be afraid to ask questions of folks who have been around awhile.

What legacy would you like to leave behind at UT?  Another tough one to answer, but I would like to think that the legacy I leave behind at UT is that of someone who truly enjoyed working with students.  I love what I do, and working with students is an absolute passion of mine.  That is what I'd hope to be remembered for.

Anything else you want to tell us?  I will openly admit that I am a great big nerd.  :-)

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