Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 2012 ACA General Meeting

The April 4, 2012 ACA General Meeting, sponsored by the College of Communication, featured a presentation by Tommy Darwin from the IE Pre-Graduate School Internship Program, updates from the advising staff at Austin Community College, and information on admissions from Augustine Garza.

A huge THANKS to the College of Communication Student Affairs for sponsoring our meeting.

Intellectual Entrepreneurship Pre-Graduate School Internship
Dr. Tommy Darwin, current Director of the Pre-Graduate School Internship, discussed the benefits of the program and encouraged the ACA membership to spread the word about this excellent program.

Austin Community College - Enrollment Procedures for Visiting UT Students
Former ACA Member Dr. Audra Sneed, Director of Advising Services at the ACC Rio Grande Campus, brought the advising team from ACC to update attendees on enrollment procedures for UT students visiting ACC this summer.

Office of Admissions Updates
Augustine Garza, Deputy Director of Admissions, discussed the profile of the in-coming freshmen class and addressed the yield events sponsored by the Office of Admissions to try to increase matriculation numbers.

Taking Over Academic Advising in the State of Texas
Two long-time members of ACA leave Austin to lead advising initiatives at our sister state institutions.

JP Regalado has accepted a position as Executive Director of Advising at Texas A & M Corpus Christi.  JP has had a career at UT that spans two decades as a student worker in the College of Liberal Arts, an Orientation Advisor, an Academic Advisor in the College of Liberal Arts, and a Senior Program Coordinator in the UGS Longhorn Scholars Program.  JP earned both is BA and his MA from UT Austin.

Audra Sneed, who left UT a few years ago to head the advising center at Austin Community College has recently accepted a position as Director of Advising at the University Advising Center at the University of Texas at Arlington.  During her tenure at UT, Audra worked in the Cockrell School of Engineering as an Academic Advisor and earned her PhD in Higher Education Administration.

Congratulations and thanks for your contributions to the University of Texas advising community!

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