Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 2011 ACA General Meeting

The July 20, 2011 ACA General Meeting, sponsored by the Texas Athletics Academics and Student Services, featured updates from the Athletics Advising Staff, as well as the recognition of members who impacted ACA through their participation on committees and ACA sponsored events.
A BIG thank you to Texas Athletics Academic & Student Services for providing nurishment to ACA!

Texas Athletics Academic & Support Services
Kat Richter and the Athletics Advising & Support Staff introduced themselves and the role they play within the Texas Athletics Academic & Support Services.  The team thanked ACA for their dedication to student athletes.

Awards & Recognition
Wendy Boggs, chair of the ACA Awards and Recognition Committee, introduced the committee that helped coordinate the annual awards given out at the July meeting.  The committee members were:  Pam Dahl (College of Engineering Student Division), Rose Mastrangelo (School of Undergraduate Studies), and Courtney Lockhart (Department of Anthropology).

Awards:  The BIG 3
Each year ACA presents three deserving members with it's top awards.  This years recipients were:

Taking Initiate and Creating Positive Change Janice Williams from the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (recipient not present)

Dedication to StudentsNoe Gonzales from the College of Communication (recipient not present)

Service to AdvisingLaura Luthy from the College of Communication

ACA Committee Membership Recognition
Every member of ACA makes an impact on the academic development of the students that attend UT.  Many members gave additional support to the mission of The University of Texas at Austin through their participation on ACA committees.  President Andi Poag asked each commiteee chair to talk about the event and recognize the members that helped make the event a success. 

ACA Advisory Council
Chair:  Theresa Thomas (President-Elect)

Advising Expo Committee
Co-Chairs:  Jeffrey Marsh & Kelly Strait
(committee not present)

FUNdraising Committee
Co-Chairs:  Angie Martinez & Lovelys Powell

Holiday Party Committee
Co-Chairs:  Juanita Gonzalez & Lovelys Powell

Professional Development Day (in association with APSA)
Co-Chairs:  Ana Dison & Jennifer McHam
(committee not present)

Resources for On-going Advisor Development (R.O.A.D.) Committee
Co-Chairs:  Kristen Anton & Melva Harbin

Executive Committee 2010-2011
Lastly, a big thank you to our out-going President and the Executive Committee for their efforts to keep ACA moving in the right direction.
President:  Andi Poag
President-Elect:  Theresa Thomas
Program Co-Chairs/Vice-Presidents:  Courtney Lockhart & Megan Rovang
Treasurer:  Sarah Kitten
Secretary:  Andrea Chytil
Co-Historians:  Lovelys Powell & Yesenia Sanchez
Public Relations Co-Coordinators:  Alexia Apollo & Brad Popiolek

Andi Poag gave her closing remarks and thanked ACA for a wonderful academic year.  She also announced that she would be leaving UT in the coming months for upstate New York.  Andi, thanks for your amazing job leading our organization

...cue tears

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