Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ACA Advising Expo

During the week of September 27th - October 1st ACA held its annual event called "Advising Week 2010" that featured a host of events sponsored by departments, colleges, schools and programs across campus.  Although some of the events had to be cancelled due to the tragic gun situation, the cornerstone event of the week - Advising Expo - went off without a hitch.  Co-Coordinators Jeffrey Marsh and Kelly Strait pulled off an excellent event that gave students, staff and faculty an opportunity to learn about many of the advising and student services available on campus in a 'one-stop-shopping' format. I'm sure each of you has a story about how a stop at an advising or student services table changed the academic path for a student, and isn't that exactly what it's all about.

For more details on the event, please visit the UT ACA Events Blog.

Event Co-Chairs Jeffrey Marsh & Kelly Strait.

UTeach Natural Science Advisor Annette Hairston wins the award for the most professional display (you can order that lovely accessory from Office Depot)!

College of Communication Advisors Cindy Patino and Lorena Dominguez demonstrate why Advising Expo is such a useful event for students.  Cindy shared a story about a student she met at Advising Expo a few years ago who had never taken the time to explore his major.  After stopping by the Communication table and hearing about the Advertising program, this 4th year Architecture student set up an appointment, did an internal transfer and finally started living his academic dream (sorry Jeanne & Garrett).

College of Education Advisors Jason Gentry and Jennifer Hamm demonstrate tag-team advising. do Jackson School Advisors Jesse Garcia and Renee Waters.

One of the newer advisors on campus, Nicole Gagnon, discusses the benefits of the Bridging Disciplines Program.

Electrical & Computer Engineering Advisors Janice Williams and Suzy Graves discuss the purpose and history of Advising Expo with President Powers. 

One of ACA's Faculty Supporters, Regina Hughes Director of the Business Foundations Program, wins the Best Table Display award for the second year in a row.

Rubi Reyes-Fuentez from the Study Abroad Office had a steady stream of interested students.

Fresh from Boston, new Center for Strategic Advising Advisor Kristin Tommey, was introduced to ACA with bright sunshine and no humidity.  She is joined by two of the ACA Officers, Lovelys Powell and Alexia Apollo.

College of Liberal Arts Advisors Richard Ribb and Kelly Strait demonstrate proper advising etiquette.

A Look Back in Time
Now, for a look back in time, here are some photos from ACA Advising Day back in 1994 and 1995.  Some of you may remember the tag line (and the buttons we wore), "'s not just for registration anymore."

Lovelys Powell & Jo Anne Huber wearing the official ACA t-shirt.

Sue Holzaepfel staffing the Math/Physics/Astronomy table.

Araha Dahl, Larry Carver and Liz Hastings representing Liberal Arts.

The ACA Officers from that year - Liz Hastings, Luci San Miguel Latimer, Lovelys Powell, Ann Gleason, Susan Smith present ACA President Renee LoPilato.

Undergraduate Advising Center Coordinator Chris Huston chats with Engineering Advisors Billy Wood, Glenda Groth and Tricia Gore.

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