Friday, November 20, 2009

R.O.A.D. Webinar: Reaching and Retaining Students - Advising Undecided/Undeclared Students for Success

Earlier this week, our very own David Spight, Assistant Dean for Advising in the School of Undergraduate Studies, and Kathleen Shea Smith, Assistant Director for the Advising First Center at Florida State University, led a webinar discussion on undecided student advising. Nearly 200 institutions of higher education from across the country registered for this NACADA webinar. The talk focused upon Virginia Gordon's Exploration Process Model, which encompasses the evaluation of self, majors, careers, and decision-making practices. Highly recommended resources for exploratory advisors include: Career Advising - An Academic Advisor's Guide (Gordon); College Majors Handbook (Fogg, P.E. Harrington, T.F. Harrington), Selecting a College Major - Exploration and Decision Making (Gordon, Sears); Fishing for a Major (Machado); and Roadtrip Nation - A Guide to Discovering your Path in Life (Marriner, Gebhard, Gordon).

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